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MIckey and Ra

We started MisteR in 2006 as a New Zealand designed and made boutique menswear label with a distinctive international outlook.

MisteR’s style is our artful collision between the heritage of British tailoring and the experimental fun and quirkiness of Asian fashion. This means we love structured cuts, quality construction and comfortably stylish fit. At MisteR detail reigns supreme and we embrace exuberant colours, exciting natural fabrics and ornate patterns.

We carefully curate each range and only produce limited quantities of hand numbered pieces, which adds exclusivity to each garment. Whilst we’re known for our suits, alongside these you’ll find shirts, premium denim, knits and tees so you can mix and match to create a unique look for any occasion.

When you buy MisteR you’re not only expressing your personal style but that you’re joining us in celebrating distinctive, individual clothing created with passion, care and exhilarating creativity.

As the old saying goes, fashion is fleeting but being well dressed never goes out of style…

Here’s to dressing well!

Mickey Lin and Ra Thomson