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NZ Made for Xmas :-)

Support your community this festive season..... may not seam like much but simply buying NZ made gifts this Xmas means you'll help keep Kiwi's employed and ensure your money stays right here in NZ.

This holiday season we celebrate another fantastic year and have arranged a sweet deal with our longest retailer of 5years, Marvel Menswear. We'll be giving away Bowties to anyone who purchases MR clothing worth over $500 from Marvel. Simply print out this email and present it instore at time of purchase or save a tree and present this voucher on your Smartphone.

Offer expires on the 1st of January 2012.

Now we have a rather special announcement to make......
......we're proud to say that the Museum of New Zealand Te-Papa, has just purchased a complete MR outfit for their NZ Fashion collection! YAY!
MisteR's making history and feeling truly honored xoxo

Might not catch you again before the new year so we wish you a Merry Xmas and a safe silly season.
Thanks to everyone who supported us this year, right from earthquake February through to Fashion Week September, we appreciate your love :-)
Looking forward to a whole new year in 2012.

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