Fly My Pretties GiveawayFly My Pretties Giveaway


Now here's a sweet deal.....
We've hooked up with the good people at LOOP and they've kindly provided us with 5 copies of the new Fly My Pretties album. Have you heard it yet? It's amazing, we've had it on repeat for the last few weeks!
Another beautiful addition to the NZ music world with the talents of Barnaby Weir, L.A. Mitchell, Age Pryor, Aaron Tokona, Amiria Grenell and much more, plus it even features our song from Fashion Week 'Turnaround' by AHoriBuzz.
Oh! and it comes with a DVD of the live show which means you can watch the boys prance around in their MR outfits :-)
So don't miss out on this....
....We'll be giving them away with the next 5 online orders over $100.
So grab that Sweater you've always wanted, or that Jacket or Shirt and get a piece of kiwi music history for free!
Chur chur!


Congratulations to Grace, last weeks winner of the Prometheus giveaway :-)