Not Braggin or Nuthin!Not Braggin or Nuthin!


Ladi6Most of the time we just pretend to know what we're doing, but this latest piece of news proves otherwise. Red Eleven NZ's premier model agency has just signed up model Piri Bennett and its all because they saw him in our Summer Photoshoot! Yup, that's the images you've probably seen on our home page, Red Eleven loved them so much they signed Piri on the spot and put the images on their site! Not that we're Braggin or Nuthin!

On a side note our Queen of hiphop Ladi6 is touring NZ with her new album, starting in Auckland on the 5/11. Ladi's own superstar Dj Mr Parks is an avid MisteR fan and will be reping us for sure! So make sure you get along and support us all.