Rise Up ChristchurchRise Up Christchurch


MisteR was chosen to represent Chch at the Rise Up Telethon recently where together we raised over 2.5 Million dollars for Chch! Hell yea :-)

We dressed Crusaders legend Caleb Ralph in the Cogset Suit which he looked utterly awesome in. Ben Barrington from The Almighty Johnsons was rockin the Kickstand Cardie and Saddle Shirt and model Harley was in the Basket Suit, what a crew!

Thanks to Andhy Blake and Brooke Howard-Smith for putting this fantastic fundraiser together.......two and a half Mill....WOW!

In other matters.....with our studio still out of action, MR has moved into the garage at home and truckin on as we must! We are currently sampling our Summer range and preparing for a photoshoot next week.

Rumour has it MisteR is launching a womens line next summer, so keep ya eyes peeled ladies and don't worry lads you still our top priority plus now you know exactly what to get for the Missus for her birthday!

Ps. We still got a few CD's left to give away with online purchases so get in quick!