WATER WORLD makes a splash in retail storesWATER WORLD makes a splash in retail stores


Water World Summer Menswear CollectionIn 1995, Kevin Costner spent a veritable ton of money making one of the worst films of the 90s, which if you ask us is saying something. According to the IMDB, Water World won the Razzie for the Worst Supporting Actor (Dennis Hopper), and was nominated for Worst Director, Picture and Actor. It currently averages 5.7 out of 10.


MisteR's Water World however looks to be one of the most promising menswear collections of the year. According to us, people wearing MisteR could be in the running for being Best Dressed Man of the Year, and possibly even Sunday Star Times' "Best Dressed Hearthrob" award. We think it will end up averaging a more than respectable 9.6 out of 10 at summer gatherings across our fair land.

All of this is our way of telling you that our Summer 2010/ 11 range is finally winging it's way from MisteR HQ to our lovely retailers throughout Aotearoa, and we think we've done a pretty spiffing job if we do say so ourselves! Browse on over to the collection and see for yourself, and as always don't sleep as the range will last as long as ice in your gin and tonic...