Winter Range Rides Into Town Winter Range Rides Into Town


Well here it is at last....
....The first drop of Winter stock is now available from all our retailers and online at
We know you've all been waiting anxiously for this range, so thank you for your patience.

It's been a hell of ride getting to this point with our city being shaken to bits over the last 6 months, our studio locked in the 'Red Zone' and our manufacturers being closed due to damage.
But we did it.....and a beautiful collection it is! Inspired by the wonderful 2 wheeled transporter which ironically has been more useful than ever in recent times with roads being munted and traffic being worse than Auckland's highway.

This season MisteR has really stepped up it's scope.....
We've added a Knitwear component to the range including Sweaters, Cardigans, Vests and Scarfs.
Our Shirts are now made by NZ's best shirt maker and the quality is through the roof! Plus we've added an XS shirt size due to customer request.
In the next month our second drop will be released, featuring two of the hottest suits we've ever done.
Another addition to the website is our Sale Store, where we'll be selling older stock for bargain prices.

We'll keep ya posted as the season progresses!