MisteR in TaiwanMisteR in Taiwan


Over the next month MisteR is going for a world wide Tiki Tour in search of new stockists of our fine wears.

First stop Taipei City, Taiwan!

Apparently its winter over here but you wouldn't know it, Taiwan has about 5 times NZ's population but only 1/7 of our land mass, so its busy wee place. We have spent the last few days zooming around the city on various buses and subways, checking out the different areas.
We came across hundreds of department stores but eventually we discovered a the East Side, 'Dongshou' is full of boutique shops and unique little businesses. The men certainly know how to dress here, they'd love MisteR

Taiwan is also famous for having the Tallest Building in the World at 'Taipei 101'......well it was up until a few months ago, apparently Dubai now hold that title! Either way, it's very high and dizzying just looking up at it, not to mention looking down from the top!.....Oh yea the top, to get there you take a ride on the 'Worlds Fastest Elevator'....Yup Serious!.....1010 meters per minute! which according to my calculations is around 60mph! It has some crazy pressure control so your ears don't pop and hardcore computer breaking system, was like being at a Fun Park!

I'm pretty confident that the old HAL-9000 has been hiding here since the 70's and slowly taking over this place, he's on virtually every corner! It's scary! They tell me they're just fire hydrants, but that red light is curiously suspicious if you ask me??!!

Speaking of the HAL-9000....here's a favourite piss take of mine......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuGnT1EYvBA
which wont make much sense unless your fan of both '2001 Space Odyssey' and 'The League of Gentleman'. Anyway the video's made by 'Hexstatic' who are also pretty dam awesome! Off to Tokyo next, will keep ya posted! MR