Winter Range Rides Into Town

Mister Mens Clothing New Zealand

Well here it is at last....
....The first drop of Winter stock is now available from all our retailers and online at
We know you've all been waiting anxiously for this range, so thank you for your patience.

It's been a hell of ride getting to this point with our city being shaken to bits over the last 6 months, our studio locked in the 'Red Zone' and our manufacturers being closed due to damage.
But we did it.....and a beautiful collection it is! Inspired by the wonderful 2 wheeled transporter which ironically has been more useful than ever in recent times with roads being munted and traffic being worse than Auckland's highway.

This season MisteR has really stepped up it's scope.....
We've added a Knitwear component to the range including Sweaters, Cardigans, Vests and Scarfs.
Our Shirts are now made by NZ's best shirt maker and the quality is through the roof! Plus we've added an XS shirt size due to customer request.
In the next month our second drop will be released, featuring two of the hottest suits we've ever done.
Another addition to the website is our Sale Store, where we'll be selling older stock for bargain prices.

We'll keep ya posted as the season progresses!


MisteR Celebrity Sighting - Next Top Model Judge

Mister Mens Clothing New Zealand

It's Saturday morning after another shaky Chch week and we felt like treating ourselves to a nice breakfast. So we popped out to Clearwater Resort and guess who we spotted! Next Top Model judge, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, wearing none other than MisteR!

Sporting a Chameleon Suit and Aquarium Shirt he was representing in a full MisteR get up......."Go Colin"! He looks ridiculously good in this outfit.........As you'd expect from this fashion guru, he only wears the best :-) Apparently they were doing auditions for the next season of 'NZ Next Top Model'.

Fingers crossed he wears that outfit on the show!


RIP To Our Old Faithful Coffee Shop


Dropped past the MisteR HQ today, just in time to see our local Coffee on Cashel being demolished.

Had many a muffin and long blacks at this place and a few sneaky Rum&Cokes with the owner Shane.

Not to mention Steven next door the technical repair man wiz-kid!

It was great while it lasted guys, we'll miss you :-/

Aroha xoxo


The Earthquake Fundraiser Sale


Score a Bargain from our online store and help rebuild the city at the same time!

Help Thy Neighbour


4 days ago the city that MisteR loves and calls home was changed forever, in less time than one minute!

We have always conducted our business in a way we think is fair and ethical, because we believe MR is as much a part of the community as you and I.
In times such as these we see it as our duty to make sure we still live up to that role....
.....and for this reason MR has just made a donation to one of the many support groups doing their best for our people.

The MR crew were lucky enough to escape unscathed and still have a home to go to.....
.....but many were not so lucky!
So for those of you who can, please make a matter how small, it all helps.
Thank you :-)


The fate of MR HQ is not yet known as access to our area is not allowed....
....because we're only one block from the CTV site and 2 blocks from the Grand Chancellor!
We'll keep you updated and please do consider donations.

Mickey & Ra

MisteR's going on tour with The Phoenix Foundation


The Phoenix Foundation are off on a European tour with their new album 'Buffalo' and we're going with them......well sort of.....technically 'we' are staying here, but MisteR's going with them! The lads have super music skills and fine taste in clothing, hence they chose MR to dress them for the tour :-) Only the finest for these lads! Incase you didn't realise you can score their album in delicious vinyl or in digital format from their website and now iTunes also.

Mutually loved New Zealand made goodness!


**Summer Sale**


Summer Summer Sale Sale

Well it's that time! Out with the old.....make room for the new!

We've removed 20% off all our garments! Thats right 20% Off!

We have cut the sleeves off our shirts and made them short sleeve, cut the legs off our pants and made them shorts, shortened the jackets so they're more of a freaky cropped style and for the shorts.....well they're a classic kiwi 'stubbie' now!

20% Off all MisteR Summer Stock...haha :-)


No seriously......Grab a Summer bargain while they last!

Merry Xmas from MR

ps. Rhys wore his favourite MR suit to host his Xmas special!

MisteR in Taiwan


Over the next month MisteR is going for a world wide Tiki Tour in search of new stockists of our fine wears.

First stop Taipei City, Taiwan!

Apparently its winter over here but you wouldn't know it, Taiwan has about 5 times NZ's population but only 1/7 of our land mass, so its busy wee place. We have spent the last few days zooming around the city on various buses and subways, checking out the different areas.
We came across hundreds of department stores but eventually we discovered a the East Side, 'Dongshou' is full of boutique shops and unique little businesses. The men certainly know how to dress here, they'd love MisteR

Taiwan is also famous for having the Tallest Building in the World at 'Taipei 101'......well it was up until a few months ago, apparently Dubai now hold that title! Either way, it's very high and dizzying just looking up at it, not to mention looking down from the top!.....Oh yea the top, to get there you take a ride on the 'Worlds Fastest Elevator'....Yup Serious!.....1010 meters per minute! which according to my calculations is around 60mph! It has some crazy pressure control so your ears don't pop and hardcore computer breaking system, was like being at a Fun Park!

I'm pretty confident that the old HAL-9000 has been hiding here since the 70's and slowly taking over this place, he's on virtually every corner! It's scary! They tell me they're just fire hydrants, but that red light is curiously suspicious if you ask me??!!

Speaking of the's a favourite piss take of mine......
which wont make much sense unless your fan of both '2001 Space Odyssey' and 'The League of Gentleman'. Anyway the video's made by 'Hexstatic' who are also pretty dam awesome! Off to Tokyo next, will keep ya posted! MR

MisteR Celebrity Sighting - Colin Mathura-Jeffree


Last year, 2009, Owen Black won 'Best Dressed Man' at the Riccarton Races wearing a stunning MisteR outfit.

This year at Addington, none other than 'NZ's Top Model' judge, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, was spotted wearing his MR 'Wet Suit' and it made front page of The Press too!

He was'nt entered in 'Fashion in the Field' competition but thats only because he doesnt really need to! Everyone knows he's a Fashion Guru and wearing MisteR you cant go wrong really! We think he didnt enter just to be polite......a top model, wearing MR.......blow the rest of the competition right out of the'd just be unfair!

Hehe ;-)


Rhys Darby comments on his MisteR suit.













This year at the Qantas Media Awards, Rhys Darby chose to wear nothing!....................nothing other than MisteR Menswear! Here sporting his 'Wet-suit' and 'Sea Anemone Shirt' Rhys comments on how smooth and cool it is!  Cheers Rhys!

Lets just hope he's not Joking!


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