Winter '13 - 'Dynamic Duo'Winter '13 - 'Dynamic Duo'

There is really only one thing necessary in order to be a truly awesome superhero: a killer outfit to add to your style mystique.

With garments inspired by the likes of Batman and The Avengers, fashion has always loved a caped crusader: and so MisteR are set to become winter’s on- trend crusaders with their new collection, Dynamic Duo.

It might be hard to pull off the full Neo or Trinity, but everyone looks good in a new tailored MisteR men’s and women’s woollen coat.
And there is always the ubiquitous full three piece suit with shirt and matching hat, worthy of John Steed himself.

The collection includes MisteR’s signature hand printed monogram – good enough for a billionaire vigilante, good enough for you!

Designers Mickey Lin and Ra Thomson even take a leap in a single bound by introducing sneakers and jewellery to their expanding range, including silver cufflinks, earrings, tie clips, lapel pins and a pendant Thor would be mighty jealous of.

But remember with great style comes great responsibility; so all MisteR garments and accessories are New Zealand made.
Fighting fashion crimes across the country, Dynamic Duo is here to save the day!